Range of Work

The nature of the firm’s work is very broad and reflects Charles Simon’s interest in holistic, integrative endeavours (he is an architect and planner as well as a Member of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects).

Architecture and Planning projects vary in size and complexity from small renovations to large building complexes, neighbourhoods, new cities and regional development patterns.

Its future-oriented approach has led to a strong emphasis on Research Work in a variety of environmental, social and physical areas.

Charles Simon’s commitment to education and outreach has resulted in university appointments in three disciplines and in three countries, speaking invitations across North America and Europe, and the publication of numerous articles and professional papers.

Charles Simon's Curriculum Vitae


The firm has received many design awards ranging from residential renovations to new city proposals. Its projects have been published in numerous countries. And its pioneering work in a variety of fields has resulted in a number of “firsts”, including Canada’s first engineered passive solar house and its largest passive solar housing project.

After years of employing numerous full-time staff associates, the firm has been re-structured to allow for greater flexibility and responsiveness to each task. Charles Simon is the Principal and participates directly and intensively in the creation of each project. Associates are brought in to match their particular specialty to each problem, allowing project teams to be tailored to the client’s specific needs and to include specialists not generally associated with construction (biologists, research scientists, psychologists, etc.). The client is always regarded as a key participant in the team.

Contact Details

Email: simon.edenmills@everus.ca

Phone/fax: (519) 856-9921

221 Barden Street
Eden Mills, Ontario
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